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Some of the most fulfilling experience of a holiday in Goa is the discovery of a colourful underwater. The turquoise, blue green and aquamarine waters in the islands of Maldives, the presence of Spanish and Portuguese galleons and World War II ships are the major underwater attractions. Grande Island and Malvan Shoal are other major diving sites around Goa.

Colourful and beautiful shells, attractive corals and fishes attract all of us to explore more. Scuba Diving unearths the underwater treasure of Goa. Scuba Diving helps you to unearth the underwater treasure of Goa. Underwater visibility in Goa ranges for five meters to ten meters throughout the peak season. Tourists prefer Goa for Scuba Diving because the waters here are temperate and safe. Even the beginners find it comfortable to dive because these is a total absence of riptide currents.

Scuba Diving Gears

Masks, Snorkels and Fins are the basic diving gears. Single, two, three and four window masks are the best option for better visibility especially under deep water. Slip on fins allow more water to flow over the blade, so, these are suitable for warm water diving. You can choose strap fins for a better performance. These fins allow a smoother and more powerful kick without much effort.

Where to go for Scuba Diving

Goa has a marine life of Goa, quite similar to that of the Maldives. Grand Island is a preferred site for local diving. Suzy's Wreck, Sail Rock, Davy Jones Lockers, Sail Rock, Tunnel, Bounty Bay, Surge City and Uma Guma Reef. Another world class diving site, Angria Bank, is a world class diving site, 120 km from Goa. An underwater mass about half the size of Goa is a reservoir of fishes and corals. It will be a memorable experience for you to enjoy diving here.

When to go for Scuba Diving

October to May is the best season for enjoying scuba diving because the skies are blue and cloudless and the water remains placid.

Some Tips

Before committing to a full-fledged course, check out Try Dives. It is held every Mondays at Sun Village in Arpora, Vaunguinin Beach, Dona Paula and Miramar.

Certain safety options should always be kept in mind while diving. Never dive alone, dive with the partner instead as this ensures the help in the very moments of need.

Display a 'Diver Below' flag to advice your presence to boat drivers and jet skis. You should be totally fit physically and mentally to before going for diving.

You should also keep in mind all the safety precautions while planning your diving trip. If the region is protected one, this applies more. Never let the plants damaged, wildlife disturbed and any garbage left behind.

Experts and instructors are always there. They have the right to refrain any participant from undertaking the adventure. If any participant has a heart disease, respiratory or sinus related problems, a doctor's certificates is required. 12 years is the minimum age for diving in India and will be only at instructor's discretion

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