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Casa Candolim Loyalty Program

As a Casa Candolim Loyalist® member, you have the choice of earning Casa Candolim points every time you stay at our Hotel. These points can be redeemed for Room Nights at the Hotel and also for Airport transfers.
You can also earn Casa Candolim Loyalist points with every stay and through exclusive offers/ referral awards programs**.

Earn one CCL Point for every 25 rupees spent at Casa Candolim. In addition, Platinum members can earn a 15% point bonus and Diamond members a 30% point bonus.

**Referral Awards Program

We are very grateful to you our loyal clients and have devised an attainable rewards program of gifts, packages and valuable room nights with us. The first step is creating a tracking code ( Currently your registered Email ID ) for you which allows us to reward you with points for each room night referred to the hotel. At the end of every month, we are able to tally all guest referrals based on your individual code.  Then just give your booking code to a friend or family heading to Casa Candolim, Goa when they book online or send us an email, not only do you earn credit from the referral, but we will also give them a special price based on your referral. The points add up quickly for you. Casa Candolim is happy to reward you for your loyalty and generous referrals. !

Refer 10 nights and receive 2500 points.

Accommodation Reward*
4,000 points  
1,000 points      
1   Complimentary room night at Casa Suite
1   Complimentary Airport Transfer.